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When teaching my brilliant English students I notice that there are certain roadblocks that creep up.

Here are a few areas of concern that I thought I would list so that my students could refer to this page while brushing up on their essay writing skills. Here Goes Nothing!!!

Verb Tense AgreementVerb Tense Agreement Tutorial

Comma Usage(remember not to under or overuse)Comma Exercises for Extra Practice

Semi-Colons or Commas in Compound SentencesSemi-Colons or Commas?

General Sentence Punctuation PatternsSentence Punctuation Patterns

M.L.A. Citation Review & FormattingWhen you are responding to a piece of literature always formally state the genre, authors name and the title of the work. The title needs to be cited in italics or quotes.M.L.A. Citations & Formal Essay Format Criteria

* My best advice, when it comes to writing, punctuation, sentence structure and all of the confusion that goes along with it is: Read! Read! Read! The more you read the more natural writing becomes; yes, even the mechanics!*